My Semester in UCDC: An Introduction to a Career in International Human Rights

May 30, 2021

Though my internship was conducted virtually, I was still able to learn a great deal about the field of international human rights. I obtained a deeper understanding of the fast-paced work culture of a Washington law firm. While working at Perseus Strategies, I was given the great privilege of forming relationships with future lawyers who mentored and guided me throughout my time at the firm. I also had the opportunity to learn from the sagacious Jared Genser, who taught me so much about the world of international law, human rights, and diplomacy.

As a political science and English major, I was introduced to an array of different fields and schools of thought, but I never focused on the area of international human rights. This was a challenge for me since I was required to learn about the different organizations and acronyms in this province; however, with the guidance of Perseus Strategies, I was able to discover firsthand the inner mechanisms of international law. I was able to sit in on important meetings, draft letters to Congress on important issues, and gather research for important topics discussed at UN meetings. I even had the amazing opportunity to choose scholars and doctors to speak in front of the United Nations about “neuro” rights. Experiences like these allowed me to expand my knowledge and gain more insight into this remarkable profession.

As discussed earlier, if it weren’t for the extraordinary staff of Perseus Strategies, I wouldn’t have been able to obtain all the knowledge I did. They were incredibly kind and attentive to all my needs. They were able to schedule individual meetings to answer questions I had about certain cases and projects, and they always made sure to check on me. We would even gather every morning to play trivia, which made the internship far more personal.

I am so grateful to have been selected as a Matsui Fellow this past semester. If it weren’t for this great award, I would have had to obtain a job to provide for myself. This internship has inspired me to work in the field of human rights. I have even extended my internship until the end of the summer to obtain as much knowledge as I possibly can before I enter the workforce.

This was an amazing opportunity, and I will be forever grateful to Perseus Strategies for mentoring me, and the Matsui Center for providing me with the resources to undergo this educational and professional endeavor.