An online Semester in the Washington D.C. Program

October 8, 2020

My UCDC experience is one I will never forget. Although the semester was online, my professors and the events held by the UCDC program coordinators made me feel as if there was no difference. My class, “The US Supreme Court,” taught me about important cases in the Supreme Court, and I got to meet classmates who have the same career goals, making it a fun and engaging class.

I interned at the National Immigration Forum. As a Policy and Advocacy intern, I was responsible for summarizing bills and bulletins published on the National Immigration Forums’ website. I was also able to attend a Capitol Hill meeting with Senator Marco Rubio’s secretary. 

I enjoyed this internship so much because I got to read about immigration policy. Weekly bulletins were about important immigration news that occurred that week. Reading and writing about immigration was something that I enjoyed. My supervisor was very caring, and we got to meet weekly to talk about immigration and how we could make others aware of the importance of immigrants in this country. In addition to this, I also got to attend a hearing about ways in which NGOs could better help asylum seekers. 

Because of this opportunity, I am now a law clerk at Riverside’s public defender’s office. This opportunity helped me become a marketable woman of color, and I gained experiences and met people I will never forget.