UCDC Spring 2022: Finding joy and inspiration while supporting immigrant communities at Mil Mujeres

April 7, 2022

I am a Paralegal intern at Mil Mujeres located three blocks away from the White House. The organization provides legal services in Washington D.C and has a few other offices around the United States. The main goal of Mil Mujeres is to work with clients involved in domestic violence. The team helps clients with their immigration process. Some of the legal services provided for clients are Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, U-Visa, and citizenship. I work alongside my supervisor, two other interns, and the Immigration Attorney. As an intern, I am responsible for mail that we receive from other legal service offices or the clients themselves. The mail I receive involves legal forms, passport pictures, letters, Police reports, and letters. My assignment is to review the mail received, upload it to a drive, and record everything I receive. Once that task is completed I then file it away. 

I enjoy working in D.C because it allows me to challenge myself to do bigger and greater things in life. The work environment I see every day in D.C is always professional and inspiring. I want to study criminal law and working in the city has been my ideal dream. At first, I felt intimidated by the work environment I saw in the city. Once I started interning with Mil Mujeres I felt secure. I realized interning in the office that it’s okay to have fun while working. Being able to live in the city has brought a lot of enjoyment. I get to see the White House and monuments on my way to work every day. I get to try many popular coffee shops around town and visit Georgetown. In the spring, D.C has popular events such as the “Cherry Blossom Festival” which has been a beautiful experience. The best part of living in D.C is being able to visit the Lincoln memorial with friends. It’s exciting knowing that history has been made here and that more historical events are happening right now.