An unforgettable (virtual) UCDC experience

May 5, 2021

My time with UCDC was a brand new life experience. With a pandemic going on, I could not spend time in Washington D.C. and meet in person with classmates and colleagues. However, the virtual setting did not stop me from having a fruitful experience. Over the first couple of weeks, it was difficult to find internship opportunities, but this experience allowed me to explore the application and interview process. Eventually, I matched with the perfect internship for me. This semester I interned for Federal Judges at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  Here I was exposed to a new light regarding court proceedings. In the past, I have worked with litigants to complete paperwork and to get them through the court procedure. However, this time around, I shadowed judges and gained insight on case reports, case analysis, and the process of making jurisdictions. 

This internship was such a flourishing experience as it allowed me to explore a career path I hope to follow in my future. Through my time with the EEOC, I acknowledged that I aspire to become a Federal Judge in the future. Coming into the UCDC program, I had an understanding that I wanted to follow a law career but didn’t realize the different paths I could take with a law degree. Having my female supervisors at the EEOC as mentors allowed me to ask questions that I had never been able to ask and receive guidance as I plan for my future. With their guidance, I was able to reaffirm to myself that my next step is law school.

As mentioned previously, I didn’t allow the virtual program to disable my experience. Instead, I fully immersed myself in the virtual program. With many events and workshops planned by the UCDC program, I was quickly able to network, attend financial literacy workshops, and even get matched with a UCDC mentor. Attending these events was very rewarding because it allowed me to learn outside of the classroom setting. Meeting people with unique experiences and listening to them talk about their trajectories has allowed me to be more open-minded about the next step in my life and truly engage in a life learning experience as I get older.

I am so beyond grateful to have been selected as a Matsui Fellow this past semester. As an EOP, DSP, and first-generation college student, interning and being part of the UCDC program has allowed me to flourish into a better-prepared student for law school and future endeavors. I am thankful to have been selected as a fellow because without your support I know I wouldn’t have been able to immerse myself in the program the way I did. Now holding such a great experience, I am excited to use my knowledge to transition into law school and my next life endeavors.