We're Not in Kansas Anymore

September 23, 2016

On my way from the airport to the UCDC center, I soon realized that I would be spending this fall semester in a totally different part of the country. Being born and raised in Southern California, the East Coast looks and feels very different. The amount of greenery was almost unnerving. While I do miss the tall buildings of the San Francisco and Los Angeles area, the charms of the historic buildings of DC is certainly growing on me. So far my roommates and I have explored little of the area, however we certainly loved the places we've been to so far. Hiking in Rock Creek National Park was amazing (and insanely sweaty), and we even saw a live deer!!! Now that is something you certainly don't see back home. I went to visit a close friend in Baltimore, and I was mesmerized during the train ride there. The train tracks cut through a forest, and I felt like I was in an episode of Planet Earth. 

Baltimore was it's own unique experience, with very different buildings and a harbor that will make you fall in love with the city. The food there was beyond delicious, which would explain the 5 lbs I gained that weekend. 

While I'm still settling into the change of scene and getting used to the East Coast mindset (like how people carry umbrellas around with them during summer), I'm very excited to go explore the rest of the DC and East Coast area. This isn't anything like California, but it's looking pretty great so far.

headshot of Deena Younan

Deena is a third-year student studying Political Science and Legal Studies. She is particularly interested in researching financial regulation and corporations' behavior on Wall Street. She is thrilled to be interning for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Office of International Affairs, Technical Assistance Branch this fall. She looks forward to observing the practice of balanced regulation first hand. Deena would like to thank the Matsui Center very much for providing her with such an amazing opportunity!