Brayan Ramos

2023 Schaeffer Fellowship

Brayan is a first-generation Mexican 3rd-year college student at UC Berkeley, the son of a migrant field worker and construction worker, from South Sacramento, California. Proudly of Michoacán diaspora, Brayan is committed to working to empower working-class, immigrant communities.

In South Sacramento, Brayan has worked on various community-oriented projects centered around equity including as a member of the Grants Advisory Board for the Youth (GABY) in partnership with the City of Sacramento. GABY has worked historically in the South Sacramento area to philanthropically fund youth-led community projects. In this role, his responsibility was to review grant proposals and prepare proposal briefs for the board. Throughout 2020, the GABY Board was able to allocate tens of thousands of dollars to community-focused projects ranging from sexual violence workshops to much-needed infrastructure, such as new water fountains.

Brayan currently works as a legislative intern at Education Trust-West, advocating relentlessly for equitable educational policy across California. He is also a part of the Social Science Research Program (S.S.R.P) under the Institute for Research on Labor & Employment at Berkeley. This summer, Brayan will be interning in government (placing to be determined) at Washington, D.C. through the Leonard D Schaeffer Fellows in Government Service program.

Following his undergraduate time at UC Berkeley, Brayan hopes to pursue a legal career in immigration and labor law.