Chloe Park

2023 Schaeffer Fellowship

Having grown up in the Albany-Berkeley area her whole life, Chloe is passionate and fond of the Bay Area’s urban spaces—the bustling culture, events, and diversity. However, along with urbanism often comes a heap of social issues—including discrimination, poverty, and housing crises—that have severely impacted the Bay Area’s vulnerable communities. As a result of her close proximity to these issues, Chloe is striving to learn about the complexities and causes of these urban issues, as well as discover the ways that policy, city planning, and data analysis can address them. At UC Berkeley, Chloe is pursuing degrees in both Urban Studies and Data Science, with an expected graduation in 2025.

While at Berkeley, Chloe’s extracurricular activities serve to expand on these topics of planning, policy, and analysis. She is the Internal Director of Suitcase Clinic, a student organization that strives to provide resources—housing, legal, medical, and social—to the local houseless community in the form of weekly clinics and outreach events. She also serves as a legislative intern for Councilmember Robinson’s office under the city of Berkeley, working primarily on transportation and housing legislative research. Lastly, Chloe is an intern for the Urban Displacement Project, utilizing her data science background for housing policy and eviction research.

As a Leonard Schaeffer Fellow, Chloe hopes to further explore the social impacts of city planning through working with the San Francisco Planning Department this upcoming summer. Ultimately, Chloe strives to support disadvantaged communities in innovative, equitable, and sustainable ways.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Urban Studies and Data Science