D'Angelo Francisco Gonzalez

Job title: 
Class of 2024
2023 Cal-in-Sacramento

As a first-generation college student, D'Angelo is committed to increasing accessibility to public services for all communities. His interest in social welfare began from a young age, where he was inspired to help others through public service at the encouragement of his family and friends. As he progressed through secondary education, he grew interested in how public services operated and assisted disadvantaged communities, many of which were represented in his city. He participated in extra-curricular activities to gain firsthand experience of how social services directly impacted struggling people. When accepted to UC Berkeley, he aspired to gain knowledge that would further his goal of providing assistance to communities across the state. He joined Circle K International as his primary mode of public service and hopes to participate in more extra-curricular activities centered on service.

As a Cal-in-Sacramento fellow, D'Angelo will strive to use his time in the Capitol to advance his goal to increase the reach of public services to Californians. His top priority is battling the effects of the California housing crisis, particularly among disadvantaged communities.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Political Science