Daniela Rodas

Job title: 
2021 Matsui Washington Fellow
Placement: International Law Institute
Placement Location: Washington, D.C.

As a 23-year-old UC Berkeley senior, Daniela Rodas sees herself as a person who strives to be her best in every area of life. Be it as a former student government representative at the Santa Rosa Junior College, as an AmeriCorps health and wellness ambassador, or most recently as a newly certified E.M.T. working with the American Red Cross and other nonprofit volunteer-based organizations where she helps provide care and support for individuals in need.

When faced with life challenges, Daniela has had overcome great barriers to success in being a woman, a minority, a low-income individual, and a domestic violence survivor. Through these experiences, she has relayed her story into a message of hope for other individuals facing similar circumstances.

Daniela consistently strives to gain academic readiness and interpersonal experience necessary to prepare for a course of study in medicine. She is passionate about helping and understanding how one's culture affects the quality of care they receive in a medical environment. Being an Anthropology Major at Cal, she has dedicated herself to reconstructing patient and provider relations through an anthropological lens to create a more culturally inclusive and comprehensive healthcare system. As a future health official, she also aspires to develop an agenda that will fight against institutional racism and discrimination in healthcare.