Eric Zhu

Job title: 
Class of 2026
2024 Cal-in-Sacramento
2024 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Fellow

Eric Zhu is a current second-year student at UC Berkeley intending to major in political economy. Coming from a struggling, low-income, single parent, immigrant household, he has witnessed the mother’s hardship in struggling to make a living for his and his sister's education in the United States. He has grown a great interest in supporting struggling low-income immigrant families, and other marginalized communities, in finding better economic opportunities in the US. Currently, he is working with Asian Immigrant Women Advocates in coordinating outreach efforts and creating curriculum to promote greater workplace literacy for workers in Oakland. Eric seeks to have a career in policymaking where he can create more equitable and accessible resources for immigrant and marginalized communities. Through the Cal-in-Sacramento program, he is looking forward to learning more about how current leaders in Sacramento are combating the detrimental impacts of COVID 19 on the immigrant community, small businesses, and workers.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Political Economy