Ethan Kim

Job title: 
Class of 2024
2023 Cal-in-Sacramento
2023 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Fellow

My name is Ethan Kim, and I am a political science major with a minor in public policy. In the classroom, I love studying constitional law and comparing different government systems. Outside the classroom, I am a copy editor for the Daily Californian, and I write several opinion articles on political issues. After one year, I transferred from Santa Monica College with an Associate of Arts in political science. In high school, I wrote for numerous newspapers and publications, including the Los Angeles Times High School Insider and my own newspaper called the Outspoken. My passion for public service began in my hometown’s city council. Since then, I engaged in several political campaigns during the 2020 election. In my spare time, I love long hikes on steep mountains or summer swims at the Santa Monica pier.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Public Policy