Jackson Smith

Job title: 
Class of 2023
2022 Cal-in-Sacramento
Placement Location: Sacramento, California

Jackson Smith is a rising 5th year studying Political Economy and Business Administration. Born and raised in the Bay Area with strong family ties to California, he is excited to explore serving the state and its residents through a public service internship. He was inspired to enter a career in public service after witnessing the failures and limitations of governments to address critical social issues amidst the pandemic. His main interests lie in issues related to small businesses, affordable housing, and income inequality but he also hopes to learn more about policy to address healthcare affordability as well as transportation infrastructure during his fellowship.

He spent this past summer and fall semester interning at TMC Community Capital, a small business finance non-profit in Oakland providing grants and low-interest loans to women- and minority-owned businesses with otherwise limited access to capital. Throughout his time with TMC, he saw first-hand the unique barriers and needs that small business owners faced, and was inspired to explore a career in which he can serve some of the most vulnerable members of our economy. This summer, he looks forward to interning in an office related to economic development while learning about how the state government can help create a more affordable and accessible California for all.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Political Economy, Business Administration