Jasmine Lozano Castillo

Job title: 
Class of 2024
2024 Cal-in-Sacramento
2024 Jo Freeman Women in Politics Fellow

Raised in the San Joaquin Central Valley, Jasmine is passionate about advocating for others, herself, and her community through academic, social, and legislative forums. She is a political science and ethnic studies double major with a race and the law minor, which have catered to and refined her passions for social justice, advocacy, community development, civic engagement, intellectual evolution, and educational and professional prosperity.

As her passion for social justice and public service is strongly embedded in her professional and personal goals, during her time at UC Berkeley she has worked within UC Berkeley Law School’s Clinic Program within which she was exposed to the intricacies of legal paperwork, translation procedures, and legal advice dynamics. Jasmine has also served on the boards of the Latinx Pre Law Society and Brown Issues at UC Berkeley. She was an intern for a Washington D.C based non-profit named Learning Life which is devoted to strengthening education, democracy, and diplomacy by spreading learning in everyday life beyond school walls. These spaces have provided very formative experiences and have equipped Jasmine with crucial skills and knowledge that have given her a deeper understanding of the power of positionality and intersectionality within society as well as a more intimate experience with a wide array of worldly dynamics.

Jasmine will also be a Jo Freeman Women in Politics Fellow, in which she will be conducting a research project focused on women in politics, including women’s representation and research on public policies that affect women. Jasmine is acutely aware of the impact of sharing truths, and the power self-advocacy holds. Her diversity has allowed her to value being understood, seen, and heard so that her communities may embrace platforms of representation.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Political Science, Ethnic Studies

Minor(s): Race and the Law