Jennifer A Serrano

Job title: 
Class of 2022
2022 Cal-in-Sacramento
2022 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Fellow
Placement Location: Sacramento, California

Jennifer Serrano is a first-generation Latina student majoring in Political Science. She was raised by her immigrant parents in Elm Vista, a low-income primarily Mexican immigrant neighborhood. With the surge in hate crimes and violence against Latinos and other people of color, Jennifer hopes to use her degree to fight injustices for all people who face discrimination and inequalities, as well as to provide a fighting chance to higher education. Her love for her community has given her the tools she needs to rewrite the demoralizing narratives about people of color. Since 2017, she has worked at Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia's California State Office, where she was able to oversee a six-month program aimed at high school students interested in presenting a bill on the CA state assembly floor and learning about government. She effectively implemented a state curriculum to enable community college students seeking higher education with access, information, and resources. She currently works for the UC Berkeley senate as the admissions director, where she assists in the development of projects aimed at encouraging pathways for low-income students of color. This summer, Jennifer hopes to expand the education pathway to make it more accessible to students of color by proposing a policy or curriculum that allows students to integrate their own research with the one taught in the education and change the dynamic of how students prepare to become professionals in higher education.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Political Science