Kellie Hogue

Job title: 
Research Associate

Kellie Hogue is a Research Associate of the Institute of Governmental Studies, mentoring Jo Freeman Women in Politics Cal-in-Sac Fellows conducting research on public policies that affect women, and a Senior Researcher at California Research Bureau, where she effectively combines qualitative and quantitative approaches with data science tools and methods to provide optimal research and information-based solutions for a legislative and gubernatorial clientele.

Her current research projects, in partnership with the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, focus on the history of state budget investment in women and girls and women veterans in California. Previous client-centered research has varied widely and has included topics such as the economic impact of COVID-19 on California's women and girls, bill passage ratios of California urban and rural legislators, mental health legislative history, race-based hair discrimination, racial equity, millennial voters, implicit bias, sober living, and tax reform.