Lily Nikole Greenberg Call

DCCC and Amnesty International
Political Science

Lily is a third-year Political Science major and Public Policy minor. She grew up in San Diego and has worked on campaigns in the United States, most notably Hillary for America, as well as refugee work abroad. Lily is passionate about humanitarian relief and its intersection with law and foreign policy. During the spring 2018 term at UCDC, she will be conducting research on International Policy.


statues of black power salute olympians
Lily Nikole Greenberg Call, Matsui Washington Fellows
I’ve been amazed at how fast the semester has flown by. With just over a month left, I’m feeling the pressure to take advantage of my time left in DC. But looking back, the last two months have been packed with work and class, and I’m impressed that I have managed to do as much as I have outside of...
Nickole with mom at Jefferson memorial
Lily Nikole Greenberg Call, Matsui Washington Fellows
Every city has a word, and Washington DC’s is policy. No matter what you’re passionate about, there is someone here doing something related to it, and usually in policy. People here know they are making history. Washington is a very different place than Berkeley. There are things about the Bay Area...