Mark DiCamillo

Director, Berkeley IGS Poll
Job title: 
Berkeley IGS Poll Director
Berkeley IGS Poll
Institute of Governmental Studies

Mark DiCamillo is director of the Berkeley IGS Poll, a non-partisan survey of California public opinion on matters of politics, public policy and public affairs conducted by the Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) at UC Berkeley.  Working under IGS co-directors Eric Schickler and Cristina Mora, he is responsible for overseeing the design and execution of each poll, as well as preparing reports and press releases summarizing its findings to the news media. DiCamillo has been actively involved in measuring public opinion in California since 1978, when he joined Field Research Corporation, founded by legendary pollster Mervin Field.  He worked under Mr. Field as assistant director of the statewide Field Poll for fifteen years, and in 1993 succeeded Field to become its director and served in that capacity through 2016. During his tenure, The Field Poll consistently was ranked among the nation’s most accurate and reliable polls in Nate Silver’s’s biennial evaluation of major polling organizations across the United States. During this period DiCamillo was also Field Research Corporation’s Senior Vice President and in that role was responsible for conducting large-scale quantitative surveys for state and local government agencies, academic institutions, foundations and non-profit organizations. DiCamillo is a recognized authority on polling in California and is the author of hundreds of reports summarizing California public opinion. Since joining IGS he has worked to expand the operations of the IGS Poll, founded in 2011. For a listing of the press releases and poll reports authored by DiCamillo during his tenure as director of the Berkeley IGS Poll go to DiCamillo is a cum laude graduate of Harvard University and holds a Masters in Business Administration from Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business.

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