Matthew Aini

Job title: 
Class of 2025
2024 Schaeffer Fellowship
2023 Cal-in-Sacramento

Matt Aini is a campus junior pursuing a BA in Political Science and a BS in Business Administration. A lifelong resident of the East Bay city of Dublin, CA, Matt was curious at a young age about how fast-growing cities like Dublin managed their growth and used community development to improve the quality of life for community members. Borne out of this curiosity has been a mission to advance responsible land use to make communities more sustainable, affordable, and connected. Matt has been proudly serving his community as a member of the Dublin Planning Commission since 2022, where he’s overseen approvals for a variety of projects and general plan amendments touching all parts of the city. Moreover, this past summer, he had the pleasure of working with the Sacramento-based Capitol Area Development Authority, where he contributed to a number of development projects and special projects for the agency. Additionally, Matt has engaged in policy advocacy around student housing at the state level as a Co-Chair of the Student HOMES Coalition. Post-graduation, Matt plans to attend law school to acquire the necessary expertise in navigating the regulatory and legal dimensions of the development process. This step will complement his previous background and education in providing a holistic approach to understanding land use and development.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Political Science, Business Administration

Minor(s): Public Policy