Nathan Jauregui

Job title: 
2023 Matsui Washington Fellow
Placement: American Enterprise Institute
Placement Location: Washington, D.C.

Nathan Jauregui has always had an interest in justice, the law, and policy, and turned those interests into passions at UC Berkeley. As a nontraditional transfer and deferred student, finding opportunities that pertained to these interests and could serve his communities was a top priority. During his first semester at UC Berkeley, Nathan served in the ASUC as an intern of the Policy and Legislation Department before being promoted to Associate Director. His work in the ASUC continued in the following semester as the Chief of Staff in the Communications Department, allowing him to gain more experience serving the student body. His first semester also consisted of research with his legal studies professor about the importance of an independent judiciary. Continuing to explore his passion for the judicial system, Nathan interned at the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office over summer, directly helping prosecutors with their cases. Seeing a need to fight for the justice of victims of some of the most heinous crimes, he has decided that a career as a prosecutor would be his goal. As a Matsui Fellow, Nathan aims to use his skills to serve the public and his communities using the passions he developed at UC Berkeley in his undergraduate career. He hopes to pursue a career as a prosecutor and develop some experience using his political science major during his time in Washington DC.