Phoebe Pham

Job title: 
2021 Matsui Washington Fellow
Placement: Political Violence Lab
Placement Location: Washington, D.C.

Phoebe Pham is an Indo-Chinese-Vietnamese-Japanese American studying Political Science and Legal Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Growing up overseas on a military base, Phoebe was constantly surrounded by a community that always emphasized a higher calling to public service. She is dedicated to serving the communities she has been fortunate to be a part of, ranging from her time as a transfer student at Ohlone College, where she worked extensively in public policy and legislation to improve resources offered to students, to UC Berkeley, where she has worked with numerous organizations, including Mixed at Berkeley and the Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention department.  Most recently, Phoebe completed independent research where she explored maritime gray operations in the Indo-Pacific and American diplomacy, which solidified her desire to follow her parents' footsteps in areas of national security defense and foreign policy in U.S.-Asia relations.  To her, UCDC is the perfect opportunity to engage in these areas as she pursues a career in public affairs while applying to law school.