Phoebe Truong

Job title: 
Class of 2025
2024 Cal-in-Sacramento

Phoebe is a recent transfer in her third year at UC Berkeley, majoring in society and environment with a minor in public policy. She is interested in equity in higher education, sustainability through solutions such as walkable neighborhoods and public transportation, public service, and more! She became interested in public service at her community college, where she was a student trustee for the San Diego Community College district. She also had the opportunity to intern with Congresswoman Sara Jacobs, and learned a lot from this great experience. Phoebe is passionate about advocacy and education, and very excited for Cal in Sacramento! At UC Berkeley, she is an intern at the Basic Needs Center, a team that strives to combat inequality on campus by providing basic needs for students such as food, technology, and loans. Phoebe is also involved in the Transfer Office of the ASUC, where she helps to plan outreach events for transfers.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Society & Environment

Minor(s): Public Policy