Riley Thompson

Job title: 
Class of 2024
2022 Cal-in-Sacramento
Placement Location: Sacramento, California

Riley Thompson (she/they) is an undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Political Science, Rhetoric, and Public Policy. They are passionate about policy and legislation, which they were introduced to in high school through a program called Youth and Government (Y&G). Now, as a staff member for Y&G, they are particularly interested in issues related to youth and are committed to empowering youth voices. This passion has resulted in their participation in a research project focused on enriching youth advocacy in the San Francisco Unified School District. Additionally, they started working with Berkeley's Model UN (BMUN) group during the 2021 school year. BMUN is chiefly focused on teaching through workshops and conferences that engage high schoolers in conversations about international affairs.

They are also particularly interested in healthcare policy. Due to their congenital heart disease, they have experienced the patient side of the U.S. healthcare system, which is often lacking in both adequate resources and care. Through Cal-in-Sac, Riley hopes to work for an organization focused either on engaging with youth or reforming the healthcare system (or both)!

Research interests: 

Major(s): Political Science & Rhetoric

Minor(s): Public Policy