Vivian Vu

Job title: 
Class of 2024
2023 Cal-in-Sacramento

Vivian Vu is a junior-level student hoping to receive her degree in economics at UC Berkeley. As the child of two Vietnamese immigrants, Vivian was born and raised in Orange County where she developed her interests in both public policy and economics. This was fostered through her education where she obtained her associates degree in both social and behavioral sciences and liberal arts at Irvine Valley College, in which she earned simultaneously with her diploma.

In addition, her passion for politics originate from witnessing the discrimination and the extra obstacles that her family had to face after moving here to the United States. As a result, Vivian interned at her local congressional office with House of Representative Lou Correa in California's 46th congressional district where she assisted casework and expanded her knowledge and passion to work in the government. She helped begin and aid cases involving various issues from immigration to housing.

As a Diversity and Entrepreneurship Fellow, Vivian hopes to contribute to research regarding women-of-color in the business world, the gender wealth gap, and access to tools for entrepreneurship. Vivian is most interested in researching the barriers that prevent diversity among innovators and how we can use this data and information to promote diversity and equality within entrepreneurs.

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Major(s): Undeclared