Lessons from the Iraq War


A decorated soldier and a distinguished scholar, Major General Robert H. Scales, Jr. USA (ret.) is the author of Certain Victory, the official account of the Army in the Gulf War, and Firepower in Limited War, a history of the evolution of firepower doctrine since the end of the Korean War. In 1995 Scales created the Army After Next program, which was the Army's first attempt to build a strategic game and operational concept for future land warfare. This volume, Lessons from the Iraq War, is drawn from a series of talks Scales gave in the Spring of 2004 as the Nimitz Memorial Lecturer at UC, Berkeley. He offers an insider's analysis of and insight into the Iraq war. Casting his observations forward, Scales reflects on what these events augur for the future of warfare and how the American military will adapt to what it has learned.

Robert H. Scales, Jr.
Publication date: 
January 1, 2004
Publication type: 
National Security