The Origins of the Chancellorship: The Buried Report of 1948


In 1948, the University of California, facing dramatic enrollment pressures and the need for new campuses, was at an organizational crossroads. Outside consultants recommended a decentralized administration with strong campus executives. The president disagreed and pressed for strengthened central control. The outside consultants’ report conveniently disappeared.

"[A]n illuminating, authoritative, and balanced account....Lee is the one person in the best position to review this important aspect of the history of the University of California....Few people have both written so well about the history of the University of California and served that history so well."

-- Clark Kerr, UC President-Emeritus

"Lee's excellent monograph is a beautifully told tale of the lengthy and difficult history leading up to the creation of [the office of Chancellor]."

-- Charles Young, UCLA Chancellor

Eugene C. Lee
Publication date: 
November 29, 1994
Publication type: 
UC History & Higher Education