Remotely Operated Systems: Myths and Reality


General Norton A. Schwartz retired as the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force (CSAF) on Oct 1, 2012, after serving over 39 years in the Air Force. A graduate of the US Air Force Academy, General Schwartz began his service as a pilot with the airlift out of Vietnam in 1975, and was the first CSAF who piloted special operations transport planes and helicopters as a primary discipline. He helped lead a joint special operations task force during the Gulf War in 1991 and later served as the strategic planner for the Air Force, the second-in-command of the US Special Operations Command, and the senior operations officer for the US armed forces. He was the head of US Transportation Command and was appointed CSAF in 2008. General Schwartz made a number of innovations during his time as Chief, including shifting emphasis from traditional aircraft to remotely piloted vehicle missions and strengthening execution and oversight of nuclear deterrence activities. Norton spent a few days at UC Berkeley and delivered two talks and participated in a Q&A session with midshipmen. The focus of his conversation was the use of and misconceptions surrounding remotely piloted vehicles.

Norton A. Schwartz
Publication date: 
November 23, 2013
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National Security