Risking House and Home: Disasters, Cities, Public Policy


Natural disasters are too often viewed as unpredictable and horrendous 'one-off' events. Edited by John Quigley and Larry Rosenthal, this useful collection of essays and research studies takes a systematic look at how private insurers, governments, and the larger economy respond to floods, earthquakes, wildfires, and terrorist events. Chapters by Howard Kunreuther (on insurance), Alan Berger, Carolyn Kousky, and Richard Zeckhauser (on damage distributions and losses), and Adam Rose (on resilience) are especially welcome for their coverage of the full range of impacts, losses, and recovery approaches across different disaster types and severities." -- John D. Landis, University of Pennsylvania.

John M. Quigley
Larry A. Rosenthal
Publication date: 
March 15, 2008
Publication type: 
Urban Studies & Planning