Win the Right Way: How to Run Effective Local Campaigns in California


Candidates don't have to sling mud to win. This state-of-the-art guide combines the latest research on voter attitudes from UC Berkeley's Center for Campaign Leadership with advice from leading campaign strategists on how to run clean, honest, effective campaigns for public office in California. Rather than echo the conventional wisdom that negative campaigning works, this guide shows candidates how to plan a campaign, build an effective organization, develop and deliver a clear and compelling message, and mobilize voters on election day-all in a way that promotes public trust in both the candidates and the offices they seek.

Chapter 1: Before the Campaign [pdf]

Chapter 2: Planning Your Campaign [pdf]

Chapter 3: Building Your Campaign Organization [pdf]

Chapter 4: Developing Your Message [pdf]

Chapter 5: Funding Your Campaign [pdf]

Chapter 6: Delivering Your Message [pdf]

Chapter 7: Contacting and Mobilizing Voters [pdf]

Chapter 8: Complying with the Law [pdf]

Chapter 9: Conclusion: Winning the Right Way [pdf]

Matt Grossmann
Publication date: 
January 10, 2005
Publication type: 
California Politics & Government