Berkeley Center for Globalization and Information Technology

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Berkeley Center for Globalization and Information Technology

Institute of Governmental Studies

University of California, Berkeley

128 Philosophy Hall, MC 2370

Berkeley, CA 94720-2370


fax: 510-642-3020


Established in 2000, the Center for Globalization and Information Technology comprises an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students who seek to understand the social ramifications of the globalization process and information technology. No specific disciplinary approach is privileged, leaving the field open to the expertise of the scholars. Both traditional and more innovative methodologies are welcomed, including quantitative, qualitative, and interpretive research. 

Under the direction of Prof. Michel Laguerre, the Center is engaged in developing theories that enhance our understanding of how globalization via information technology is reshaping the identity of the networked world. Furthermore, it serves as a research training ground for undergraduate and graduate students at UC Berkeley, and a forum for public policy debate on the transformative role of the internet in society.

The cluster is made up of individual projects, developed by graduate students, faculty, and research fellows. Projects on the "digital city," "e-government," "virtual diasporas and national security,” and the European Union are ongoing at the Center.

Most discussions in the cluster rotate around topics investigated in these projects. However, scholars from other academic/research institutions, policy-makers and practitioners from Silicon Valley are also invited from time to time to speak to the group and discuss matters of common interest. The center operates on an informal basis with a formal managerial infrastructure to take care of the routine operation of this research unit. Since this is a collaborative endeavor, the direction for research and brown bag meetings is mostly determined by the pool of talent available and the interest of the membership.