American Political History Seminar (APHS)

black and white photo of three suffragettes with handwriting along the margins (from left to right) Mrs. J Hardy Stubbs, Miss Ida Craft, Miss Rosalie JonesThe American Political History Seminar seeks to enrich the study of politics by increasing knowledge and understanding of important topics in American history. Over the last several years, IGS has invited both well-established and junior scholars, as well as a number of journalists, to speak on a recent publication relevant to the seminar series. Faculty and graduate student participants are drawn from disciplines such as history, political science, journalism, public policy, law, and business. To maximize the benefit from the visit of each author, copies of the work to be discussed are distributed in advance to participants. The APHS is open to graduate students and faculty only (but not the general public). Faculty and graduate students interested in participating should contact the seminar coordinator, Hidetaka Hirota, Associate Professor of History,

Upcoming Seminars