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The Berkeley IGS Poll is a periodic survey of California public opinion on important matters of politics, public policy, and public issues. The poll, which is disseminated widely, seeks to provide a broad measure of contemporary public opinion, and to generate data for subsequent scholarly analysis.

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Release #2019-05, June 18, 2019
Three in four Californians support setting limits on housing in high risk wildfire areas of the state, but voters are divided when it comes to other housing development policies.

- Tabulations from a Statewide Survey of California Registered Voters About Housing Affordability and Development in California

Release #2019-04, June 17, 2019
Californians narrowly back Newsom’s moratorium on executions, but oppose abolishing the death penalty outright as a punishment for serious crimes

Tabulations from a Statewide Survey of California Registered Voters about the Death Penalty and Governor Gavin Newsom

Release #2019-03, June 14, 2019

While Trump remains hugely unpopular in California, there is no consensus here for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against the President.

- Tabulations from a Statewide Survey of California Registered Voters about President Donald Trump, his Re-election and Whether Congress Should Begin Impeachment Proceedings

Release #2019-02, June 13, 2019
California’s Democratic Presidential Primary Race A Wide Open Affair. Biden holds slim lead; Kamala Harris currently running fourth in her home state.

- Tabulations from a Statewide Survey of Likely Voters in California's March 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Election

Release #2019-01, March 12, 2019
While the “digital divide” persists in California, access to the Internet at home through a computing device has grown over the past two years.

- Digital Divide graphics

Release #2018-11, October 31, 2018
Final pre-election poll in races for Governor, U.S. Senate, Lt. Governor, Insurance Commissioner, State Schools Superintendent, and two high-profile state ballot initiatives, Propositions 6 and 10.  

Release #2018-06, May 1, 2018

Release #2018-05, April 27, 2018
While the statewide law providing sanctuary to undocumented immigrants is supported by a majority of California voters, the issue is highly divisive.

Release #2018-04, April 26, 2018
Newsom and Feinstein continue to hold large leads in gubernatorial and U.S. Senate primaries, but the nature of their competition is in flux. Two GOP challengers vie for second place in Governor’s race, as support for Villaraigosa declines; Little-known Republican challenging de Leon for second in the U.S. Senate primary.

Release #2018-03, February 7, 2018
California’s competitive congressional elections. Voters narrowly inclined to re-elect incumbent Democrat Ami Bera to the House of Representatives in the state’s 7th congressional district.

Release #2018-02, February 6, 2018
California’s competitive congressional elections. A 56% majority of voters in the state’s 25th congressional district are disinclined to re-elect Republican Steve Knight to another term.

Release #2018-01, February 6, 2018
California’s competitive congressional elections. Likely voters in the 48th congressional district are disinclined to re-elect Dana Rohrabacher to another term this year.

Release #2017-21, December 22, 2017
Proposed gas tax repeal backed five to four.  Support tied to voter views about the state’s high gas prices rather than the condition of its roads.

Release #2017-18, December 19, 2017
Californians oppose the tax reform bill five to three; opinions highly partisan. Most voters believe it will negatively impact the state, and just 20% think it will benefit themselves and their families.

Release #2017-17, October 5, 2017
California voters attach highest importance to creating a safe and positive environment when evaluating public schools

Release #2017-16, September 19, 2017
Half say housing affordability an “extremely serious” problem in their area.  Majority have considered moving because of high housing costs, 25% out of state.

Release #2017-15, September 15, 2017
Newsom remains the early leader in next year’s gubernatorial primary. Top issues in the governor’s race: economy/jobs, health care, crime/law enforcement, immigration/undocumented immigrants, state spending policies.

Release #2017-14, September 14, 2017
Voter Views of California’s Three National Leaders in Washington

  • Feinstein:  While voters rate her job performance positively, fewer than half are inclined to support a re-election bid. 
  • Harris: The freshman Senator’s job marks now exceed Feinstein’s, but most want her to remain in the Senate rather than run for president in 2020. 
  • Pelosi: State Democrats favor their party choosing someone else to serve as House leader after the 2018 elections.

Release #2017-13, September 13, 2017
Two in three Californians believe race relations are worsening across the country. Voters divided about the right of white nationalist groups to continue to hold their public demonstrations.

Release #2017-11, June 21, 2017
Release #2017-10, June 20, 2017
Release #2017-09, June 9, 2017
Release #2017-08, June 8, 2017
Release #2017-07, June 7, 2017
Release #2017-02, March 29, 2017
Release #2017-01, March 28, 2017

DiCamillo, Mark: Newsom leads in early voter preferences for Governor., November 15, 2016

DiCamillo, Mark: Harris maintaining comfortable lead over Sanchez in this year's U.S. Senate race., November 5, 2016

DiCamillo, Mark: Voters inclined to support many of this year's statewide ballot propositions., November 4, 2016

DiCamillo, Mark: Clinton holds twenty-point lead over Trump in California. Majorities view both candidates negatively., November 3, 2016

DiCamillo, Mark: Californians hold divergent views about the direction of the country and that of the state. Brown continues to receive very positive job marks, while views of the legislature are mixed., September 29, 2016

Citrin, Jack; DiCamillo, Mark: Strong support for Prop. 58. Backing fades if repeal of Prop. 227 provision is mentioned., September 28, 2016

DiCamillo, Mark: Strong support for tax extension and criminal sentencing initiatives; cigarette tax leads, but by narrower margin., September 27, 2016

DiCamillo, Mark: Prop. 61, the prescription drug purchases and pricing initiative, holds big early lead, but many voters are undecided., September 24, 2016

DiCamillo, Mark: Two-to-one voter support for Marijuana Legalization (Prop. 64) and Gun Control (Prop. 63) initiatives., September 23, 2016

DiCamillo, Mark: Death penalty repeal (Prop. 62) holds narrow lead, but is receiving less than 50% support. Most voters aren't sure about Prop. 66, a competing initiative to speed implementation of death sentences., September 22, 2016

DiCamillo, Mark: Harris widens lead over Sanchez in California's all-Democratic Party U.S. Senate Race., September 21, 2016

DiCamillo, Mark: Clinton's lead in California slips as her image among voters declines., September 20, 2016

Institute of Governmental Studies: IGS Poll Finds Support for Retaining Death Penalty, August 18, 2016

Institute of Governmental Studies: IGS Poll Finds Support for Gun Control, Marijuana Legalization, August 17, 2016

Institute of Governmental Studies: IGS Poll Finds Support for Extending Taxes on Wealthy, Increasing Cigarette Tax, August 16, 2016

Institute of Governmental Studies, UC Berkeley: Californians say cities should not be sanctuaries, IGS poll finds, September 4, 2015

Institute of Governmental Studies, UC Berkeley: Californians support doctor-assisted suicide, IGS poll finds, September 3, 2015

Institute of Governmental Studies, UC Berkeley: IGS poll: Californians support stronger climate change rules, September 2, 2015

Institute of Governmental Studies, UC Berkeley: IGS Poll on economic issues finds Californians oppose higher gas taxes, registration fees, August 31, 2015

In 2011 and 2012, IGS collaborated with the Field Poll, California's oldest and most-respected independent pollster, on the following polls:


"The Trump Effect in California’s Mid-Term Congressional Elections" by Mark DiCamillo