Cal-in-Sacramento Fellowship

2021 Cal-in-Sac Fellows in front of CA State Capitol building. Left to right: Minh Anh Van, Christine Trost (Executive Director of IGS), Josh Kay, Erin Hamill, Kai Serrano Eusebio, Michael Diaz, Allyson Velez

2021 Cal-in-Sac Fellows in front of CA State Capitol building. Left to right: Minh Anh Van, Christine Trost (Matsui Center Director), Josh Kay, Erin Hamill, Kai Serrano Eusebio, Michael Diaz, Allyson Velez

Each year the Matsui Center's Cal-in-Sacramento program sends approximately 30 Cal students to California’s capital for eight-week public service internships. Cal-in-Sacramento is the University of California’s largest — and one of the nation's most prestigious — campus-based public service internship programs. For more than four decades, hundreds of Cal students have gone to Sacramento under our auspices to garner first-hand experience in the most dynamic state capital in the country. Many of these students have gone on to careers in politics, government, and public service.

Cal-in-Sacramento Fellows work for eight weeks in Sacramento internships in the offices of Senate and Assembly members, the Governor's Office, state agencies, or nonprofit groups. The program provides students with a modest stipend for living expenses, free housing and a free light-rail pass so students can travel to and from work. 

Students prepare for their summer internships by taking the 3-unit course PS110B in the spring semester. During the spring, in addition to receiving instruction that will prepare students to succeed in their internships, students receive training in developing a research proposal on an issue of their choice that they will investigate during their summer internships. At the end of the summer, Fellows will write a blog post or op-ed, produce a 5-10 minute podcast or vlog, or create another multimedia presentation based on their research findings that can be shared with the broader public.

Diversity and Entrepreneurship Fellowships

The Matsui Center is partnering with the Wells Fargo Foundation to support student research that focuses on how small businesses, especially those that are women- and POC-owned, are faring across California and what can be done to strengthen them.

This year we will provide an additional stipend ($1500-2500 depending on how many students participate) to Cal-in-Sac Fellows who choose to focus their research projects on a topic connected to diversity and entrepreneurship in California communities.

In addition to fulfilling the Cal-in-Sac requirements, Diversity and Entrepreneurship Fellows are required to:

1. Focus your summer research project on an aspect of diversity and entrepreneurship in California communities.
2. Agree to be paired with a mentor, who is an expert in the field of diversity and entrepreneurship, and meet with your mentor once during the spring of 2022 and three times over the summer of 2022.
3. Prepare a research deliverable that showcases findings from your diversity and entrepreneurship research, and present these findings at a fall 2022 conference sponsored by IGS and the Matsui Center.
4. Translate your findings into a blog post, op-ed, podcast, vlog, or other multi-media format that can be shared with the broader public.

Read more about the Diversity and Entrepreneurship Initiative here.

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We are now accepting applications for the 2022 Cal-in-Sacramento Fellowship Program.  Complete and submit an application here. Applications are due Friday, October 22, 2021 by 9am.

Questions? Contact IGS and Matsui Center Program Manager Sonia Moctezuma, soniamoctezuma [at]

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Congratulations to the 2021 cohort of Cal-in-Sacramento Fellows! 


Aaron Saliman

James Weichert

Lewis Josh

Stacy Gabriel

Alejandra Zamora

Jimmy Nguyen

Mateo Torrico

Tanvi Saran

Alexander Rodriguez

Josh Kay

Michael Diaz

Victor Vasquez

Allyson Velez

Julio Rodriguez

Minh Anh Van


Ani Gevorkian

Kai Serrano Eusebio

Nabil Aziz


Aurora Lopez

Kaleo Mark

Nancy Kim


Diana Garcia

Layla Dargahi

Nyanga Nyandemoh


Eric Furth

Leslie Wasserman

Pedro De Anda


Erin Hamill

Leslie Vasquez

Robson Swift


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Apply to be a Fellow!

Deadline to apply: Friday, October 22 by 9am
Questions? Come to a Cal-in-Sac info meeting: September 13 from 6-7pm or September 23 from 5-6pm. Both info meetings will be held virtually. Please see below for more information.

September 13:
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Meeting ID: 925 3451 4602
Passcode: calnsac

September 23:
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Meeting ID: 973 4025 7380
Passcode: calnsac

Contact: Matsui Program Manager, Sonia Moctezuma, at soniamoctezuma [at] for additional details.