IGS Poll Director Mark DiCamillo quoted in LA Times article highlighting LA voter support for more housing

May 9, 2024

The article cites results from the 2024 LABC Institute Housing Affordability Survey in Partnership with the Los Angeles Times, showing a 2-1 margin in support of increased home building in LA, despite nearly half of voters polled doubting its ability to effectively address the housing crisis. 

"The mix of messages offers both promise and pitfalls for policymakers hoping to better the city’s long-standing housing challenges by promoting new growth and speedier construction of low-income development. More than anything, the findings show Angelenos hungry for solutions to a housing problem that is leading many to consider leaving the city", said Mark DiCamillo, poll director at UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies who reviewed the survey on the Times’ behalf. To read the full article, click here

LA Times