Co-Director Shickler cited in WaPo article on the historical precedents of electing a Speaker of the House

January 3, 2023

In the midst of an historic and contentious vote for the next Speaker of the House, Washington Post interviews IGS Co-Director Eric Schickler to discuss the the history of how political alliances were formed and shaped to consolidate a party's political power around this consequential position of leadership.

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The Library Corner - Fall 2022 Edition

December 9, 2022

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Berkeley IGS Poll highlighted among others in Capitol Weekly article on the accuracy of midterm election polling

December 2, 2022

After several election cycles where polling accuracy was heavily scrutinized, Paul Mitchell writes in the Capitol Weekly that "public polling from the Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) and Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) nailed all the ballot measure results and every statewide contest – including early predictions of the losses expected for the two gambling measures, Propositions 26 and 27" in spite of the polls being in conflict with "the so-called 'election fundamentals'. To read the full article, click...

IGS Co-Director Schickler cited among UC Berkeley political scientists warning against MAGA turmoil post-midterms

November 10, 2022

IGS Co-Director Eric Schickler was included among other top UC Berkeley political scientists interviewed by Berkeley News who contested the mainstream narrative emerging after the midterms. Despite a poor showing by Trump backed GOP candidates, "efforts by party leaders to derail Trump have failed repeatedly since he first campaigned for the presidency in 2015". “There has long been a contingent of Republicans looking for a way to get past Trump, or beyond Trump,” Schickler said. “But they’ve been stymied by the fact that Trump is the one figure who’s been most...

Percy Grantee Nabeela Syed Makes History as Youngest Illinois Congressperson

November 10, 2022

We're proud to share that one of our 2021 Percy Grant fellows, 23 year-old Muslim, Indian-American, Nabeela Syed, has just made history as the youngest member of Illinois General Assemby. To read more about her election, click here:

Congratulations to our 2022 David M. Howard Memorial Prize Winner, Christian Hosam

November 10, 2022

This year’s winner is Christian Hosam, who is a (fifth year) Ph.D. candidate in political science. Christian's dissertation focuses on the role of the Congressional Black Caucus in Congress and how its activities and priorities have lined up with or diverged from those of the Black community over time.

Bio: Christian Hosam is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. His research interests include race and politics, with particular interests in Black elite politics, coalition and conflict between communities of color,...

2022 Matsui Center Fellow brings public service learning to life; Sam Greenberg says students need more voice in city politics, Daily Cal reports

October 19, 2022

In an October Daily Cal article, Cal-in-Sacramento Fellow Sam Greenberg discusses the struggles and slow progress Berkeley has made in enforcing its 2017 Berkeley Bicycle Plan, as well as the need for more student voice in city decisions around public safety. Greenberg, the President of the student-led advocacy organization "Telegraph for People", laments, "Students are kind of treated as second-class citizens in the city...People think they’re temporary residents who don’t really deserve the same voice as permanent residents in the city, but since students are a third of the...

Co-Director Mora featured at this year's Prytanean Society Homecoming Lecture

September 23, 2022

IGS Co-Director Cristina Mora discusses Latinos and the Future of the U.S. Racial Landscape as the guest lecturer for the 2022 Prytanean Society Homecoming Lecture, held on Friday, September 23rd.

Communities are expected to make up more than 20 percent of the U.S. population over the coming decade. But questions remain about inequality, identity, racial justice, and multiracial democracy. This talk examines how the construction of race and ethnicity in America has historically served as a mechanism for reinforcing Latinx inequality and institutionalized racism more broadly....