BET covers IGS poll findings showing the disparity between California voters' recognition of the legacy of slavery, and lack of support for cash reparations

September 11, 2023

Despite acknowledging the ongoing impact of slavery, concerns about fairness and singling out one group contribute to the opposition. IGS Poll findings pose challenges for Governor Newsom, who signed legislation to create the California Reparations Task Force, which recommended a mix of benefits. To learn more, click here.

IGS Poll highlighted in KTLA article on cash reparations for Black Californians

September 11, 2023

The Los Angeles Times cited the Berkeley IGS Poll, revealing that 59% of California voters oppose cash payments as reparations for descendants of enslaved African Americans, while only 28% support the idea. Despite acknowledgment of the impact of slavery on Black residents, the poll indicates a challenging political landscape for Newsom, with strong opposition to cash reparations. To read more about the poll results, click here.

IGS Faculty Advisory Board and CA Reparations Task force member Jovan Scott Lewis clarifies contentious results of IGS poll findings on reparations in SF Chronicle article

September 10, 2023

Berkeley IGS Poll results cited by the San Francisco Chronicle, reveal that a majority of California voters, including Democrats, oppose cash reparations for Black residents, despite acknowledging the impact of slavery. The Reparations Task Force's recommendations, including cash payments, face skepticism, with 59% opposing. To read more about the poll results, click here.

Congratulations to our 2023 David M. Howard Memorial Prize Winner, Karen Villegas

November 15, 2023

The Institute of Governmental Studies wishes to extend its congratulations to Karen Villegas, our 2023 David M. Howard Memorial Prize in American Politics recipient!

About Karen:

I am from the Inland Empire (IE!) and graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA. As a Ph.D Candidate in the Berkeley School of Education, I think about the ways in which the powerful set the terms of order and the way we teach according to their codes. I study ways we assimilate nondominant communities – through English – in ESL citizenship classes. And I interrogate how ESL...

LA Times cites IGS Poll findings that highlight Trump's enduring popularity amongst California GOP, despite mounting legal troubles

September 6, 2023

Former President Donald Trump is on track to gain the support of California's delegates for next year's Republican convention. The Berkeley IGS poll cited by LA Times highlights the growing support Trump's campaign is accruing, and how several other presidential candidates are doing in comparison. Click here to learn more about the presidential race and the IGS poll findings.

Berkeley IGS Poll in Progress this Week (Oct 25 - Oct 31)

October 25, 2023
Berkeley IGS Poll in Progress This Week

This week the Institute of Governmental Studies will be conducting another of its periodic polls of the California public about major political and public policy issues facing the state. It is a legitimate non-partisan poll sponsored by the University that is carried out by distributing email invitations via Qualtrics to a carefully constructed random sample of the state’s registered voters. Data collection will continue through Tuesday, October 31.

The opinions of all survey participants will remain confidential and not be...

IGS poll cited in CBS News article about California voters wanting more diversity in leadership

August 16, 2023

CBS News cites Berkeley's August 2023 IGS poll, highlighting rising concerns for lack of diversity in elected leadership positions. Californians are worried that state officials do not reflect the diversity of California's population. To learn more about the results of the IGS poll, click here.

Cal Undergrads Chart a Path to Public Service in Year 2 of the Democracy Camp in DC pilot program

June 14, 2023
Cal Undergrads Chart a Path to Public Service in Year 2 of the Democracy Camp in DC pilot program “Flying over the lush greenery and tiny monuments, I was starting to get jittery with excitement about what the week had in store for me. I never thought I would have the opportunity to be in D.C. and somehow, I managed my way there. I could not wait for what was to come.” – Fiza Mehmood (Political Science, minor in Public Policy, ’23)

The Library Corner - Fall 2022 Edition

December 9, 2022

Need a warm and welcoming space to study? The IGS Library is OPEN!

Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.

Staff are available to assist with access to the Library’s collections and research questions 1pm to 5pm or you can contact us by email to set up a research consultation.