Amelia Rose Monsour

Job title: 
2023 Democracy Camp Berkeley Fellow
Class of 2026

Amelia is passionate about educational equity, women’s rights, and voting rights. She grew up in the public school system in a school district with some of the lowest-paid teachers in Los Angeles County. Many students came from low-income backgrounds and their families couldn’t spare the time or money to supplement the gaps the schools left in their education. Through a career in public service, she hopes to advocate for more funding for public schools while also addressing systemic issues that leave some students more vulnerable to educational barriers.

Additionally, Amelia is intensely passionate about women’s rights. She hopes to use her career in public service to protect reproductive rights for women and ease the financial barriers to success that disproportionately affect women in order to ensure equal opportunities for women to succeed.

Amelia has also been deeply involved in promoting civic engagement. She interned with the League of Women Voters and organized multiple voter registration drives at her high school, where she learned that her peers didn’t believe their voices mattered, so they viewed voting as pointless. She plans to work in public service to fight against voter suppression tactics to restore her generation’s faith in the electoral process.

At UC Berkeley, Amelia is a Financial Aid caseworker at Student Advocate’s Office, helping students navigate financial aid problems with the university. The experiences of her clients further demonstrate the importance of economic equity in expanding access to higher education to marginalized groups.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Political Science

Minor(s): Public Policy