Democracy Camp Berkeley

Marisol Medina

Class of 2025
2023 Cal-in-Sacramento
2023 Jo Freeman Women in Politics Fellow
2022 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Marisol Medina, a child of Mexican immigrants, is a first-generation college student. She is a second-year majoring in Political Science with a minor in Public Policy. She grew up in Inglewood, California, neighboring the city of Los Angeles, which inspired her to advocate for more equitable education opportunities in low-income areas as she saw how educational disparities impacted youth in her city. Inspired to bring change to her community, she spent her high school years heavily involved in civic engagement and social justice activism as an intern for the Invest In Youth Coalition...

Katie DaQuino

Class of 2023
2023 Cal-in-Sacramento
2023 Jo Freeman Women in Politics Fellow
2022 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Katie DaQuino is a fourth year student studying Political Science, with minors in Public Policy and Interdisciplinary Human Rights Studies. She is the president of Cal Habitat for Humanity, a community service club that aims to give students opportunities to volunteer in the local community. The club is focused on affordable housing and during her time as president she has worked to expand the advocacy branch of the club. Katie is also an editor for the Undergraduate Public Policy Review Journal, where she published an article about housing policies in California.

She also is

Amelia Rose Monsour

Class of 2026
2024 Cal-in-Sacramento
2024 Jo Freeman Women in Politics Fellow
2023 Democracy Camp Berkeley Fellow

Amelia Monsour is a sophomore majoring in political science and sociology with a minor in public policy at the University of California, Berkeley. A proud graduate of K-12 public schools in Los Angeles, Amelia is passionate about addressing inequities in education and supporting California’s public school system. She is also passionate about addressing economic inequality and hopes to pursue a career in public service and law to advocate for economic justice and educational equity.

Throughout her time at UC Berkeley, Amelia has continued to develop her interest in public service and...

Juan Pablo Blanco

Class of 2024
2024 Cal-in-Sacramento
2024 Democracy Camp in Berkeley
2024 Diversity & Entrepreneurship Fellow

Raised in a modest family of five, Juan Pablo Blanco is passionate about some of the most pressing issues confronting working-class Californians. As a senior studying political science at UC Berkeley, Juan Pablo is mental health advocate who recognizes the importance of empowering communities for students in college. At UC Berkeley, Juan Pablo founded Unbox’d, a mental health awareness organization that offers students mindfulness resources.

Juan Pablo plans to attend law school, work in-house counsel, and start an immigration law firm. Coming from an immigrant...

Jennifer Ramirez

Class of 2024
2024 Percy Undergraduate Grant
2023 Ken Burt Fellow
2023 Cal-in-Sacramento
2022 Washington Fellowship
2022 Democracy Camp in DC Student Co-Director
2022 Democracy Camp in DC
2022 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Jennifer Ramirez is a first-generation Latina studying Economics and Public Policy at UC Berkeley from the Bay Area. Growing up in a mixed-status household, she experienced first-hand the hardships Latinx immigrant families faced, such as the struggle to assimilate, obtain basic needs, and become financially stable. The systematic barriers that limit the upward mobility of historically marginalized communities propelled her to become an advocate in her local community, and pursue a career in public service. After being selected to attend Harvard Kennedy...

2024 Democracy Camp in Berkeley Journal

April 15, 2024
Day 1: Monday 3/25/2024

We kicked off Democracy Camp with breakfast, some warm-up activities, and a rundown of our schedule. Anticipation buzzed as we geared up to welcome our first guest speaker, Anya Ku. Anya is a proud double Cal alum, earning her J.D. with pro bono honors, and B.A. in Political Science from UC Berkeley. Anya currently serves as a Neighborhood Law Corps Attorney in the Affirmative Litigation, Enforcement and Innovation Unit for the Oakland City Attorney’s Office. She gave extensive context and insights about...

2022 Democracy Camp in Berkeley Journal

March 24, 2022
Day 1: Monday 3/21/2022

Over coffee and fresh fruit, Democracy Camp kicked off with the cohort gathering outside for breakfast conversation and a discussion with IGS Director Lisa García Bedolla. As the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies, Dean of the Graduate Division, and professor in the Graduate School of Education, Lisa’s trailblazing efforts in her leadership positions inspired a robust conversation discussing her experience as a woman of color in academia. She spoke about how both growing up in a family of Cuban immigrants and...

Peter Coe

Class of 2022
2021 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Peter Coe is a third-year undergraduate studying Political Science and Public Policy at UC Berkeley. He is currently rebuilding the UC Berkeley SunRise Movement Club to leverage membership to motivate local and national politicians to champion environmental policies. The Sunrise movement is a "movement of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs" by fighting for the Green New Deal. As a member of the Partners in Health Engage advocacy team, Peter advocates for policies (such as Medicare for All) to reduce health inequity. On a state level, Peter wants to...

Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Program Overview Students participate in a series of meetings with local and state leaders and gain exposure to different facets of public service: legislative paths, community organizations, local and state government, legal fields, research, and philanthropy. Students have opportunities to expand their network and form meaningful connections with each other and with public service professionals (many of whom are Cal alumni). The program provides professional development and skill-building workshops, such as a resume workshop, networking practice, and more. Participants go...

2020 Democracy Camp Journal

January 1, 2021
Monday, March 23, 2020 Lisa García Bedolla, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies & Dean of the Graduate Division

Lisa Garcia Bedolla’s insight into public service careers was incredibly inspiring and moving. Dr. Bedolla was the child of Cuban refugees, who grounded her in a rigorous education, and was encouraged by a Latina professor to pursue a PhD, and in doing so, to give back to her community. Dr. Bedolla ultimately earned a PhD in Political Science from Yale University and has worked with students individually as a faculty member to advocate for...