Amya Parks

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Class of 2025
2024 Democracy Camp in DC

Amya Parks (she/her)

I'm currently a third-year student at UC Berkeley, pursuing a double major in legal studies and African American studies. Raised in Los Angeles by my single mother, I am deeply committed to addressing the critical human rights challenge of homelessness. My firsthand experiences have vividly highlighted the alarming ease with which individuals can find themselves without stable housing.

I am driven by a passion to develop sustainable solutions to this pressing issue. I firmly believe that the federal government must prioritize addressing the housing crisis rather than allowing it to remain unaddressed and ignored.

In addition to my dedication to resolving homelessness, I am also deeply invested in advocacy surrounding juvenile justice. As an African American woman, I have personally encountered and observed the impact of stringent zero-tolerance policies within educational institutions. My aim is to explore and advocate for alternatives that counter harmful disciplinary measures, particularly those that disproportionately affect black and brown students, thereby creating a school environment that is supportive of their educational pursuits.

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Major(s): Legal Studies, African American Studies