Democracy Camp

Aaron Harvey

Class of 2020
2020 Democracy Camp

Angelica Aban

Class of 2023
2023 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Angelica Aban is the oldest of three daughters from an immigrant family in Temecula, California. While at Berkeley, she became particularly interested in the role that the law, access to healthcare, and a high-quality education can play in expanding access and opportunities for disadvantaged populations from an upstream perspective. Angelica will graduate in the Spring of 2023 with a major in Legal Studies and minors in both Public Policy and Education.

Outside of the classroom, Angelica is an active member...

Ariana Berumen

2022 Democracy Camp DC Fellow
Class of 2022

Ariana Berumen is a first generation Latinx student at UC Berkeley. Ariana grew up in San Martin, CA, but now lives in Gilroy, CA. Ariana is a senior double majoring in Sociology and Spanish with an Education Minor who is ambitious to continue to learn in order to better understand how to make a difference in the world. Growing up, she faced educational injustices of only knowing Eurocentric knowledge that oftentimes made her feel like people of color do not have the capability of succeeding and attaining a college education....

Tatiana Butte

2022 Democracy Camp DC Fellow & 2023 Democracy Camp DC Student Director
Class of 2023

Tatiana Butte is a first-generation Afro-Latina studying Human Geography. She grew up with a single mother in Southeast San Diego, where she was exposed to drugs and violence. She recognizes low-income communities of color like her suffer the strain of being unheard of for basic needs concerning areas of healthcare and environmental health crises. She acknowledged the importance of awareness around neglected issues within marginalized communities of color which led to her involvement in community activism and public speaking. Her passion is resolving...

Randy Cantz

Class of 2021
2020 Democracy Camp

David Carranza

2023 Democracy Camp DC Fellow
Class of 2023

David Carranza was born and raised in Los Angeles by immigrant parents from Central America. As a child, his parents instilled in him the value of education and hard work and he aspired to go to college, however, as a teenager, David struggled to cope with the emotional trauma of growing up in an abusive household and his father being habitually incarcerated. Although he excelled in high school, he gravitated toward gangs and during his senior of high school was sentenced to life in prison. While incarcerated he found healing from his past and pursued his dream of going to...

Saida Cornejo

Class of 2021
2020 Democracy Camp

Katie DaQuino

Class of 2023
2023 Cal-in-Sacramento
2022 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Katie DaQuino is a fourth year student studying Political Science, with minors in Public Policy and Interdisciplinary Human Rights Studies. She is the president of Cal Habitat for Humanity, a community service club that aims to give students opportunities to volunteer in the local community. The club is focused on affordable housing and during her time as president she has worked to expand the advocacy branch of the club. Katie is also an editor for the Undergraduate Public Policy Review Journal, where she published an article about housing policies in California.

She also is

Aisha Elbgal

Class of 2025
2022 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Aisha Elbgal is a first-generation Muslim Yemeni-American with an intended major in Social Welfare. She was born and raised in Oakland, California where she has witnessed a plethora of issues engulf her beloved city coupled with the lack of action at the hands of those in power. This sparked a passion in Aisha from a young age when she gave a speech at her middle school about the early rise of gentrification and displacement in what was once a beautiful and diverse Oakland. She is now working to address issues such as educational inequity, public health and safety, homelessness...

Jasmine Esquivel

Class of 2024
2022 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Hello, my name is Jasmine Esquivel. I am a first-generation low-income student here at Cal. I am a sophomore majoring in Social Welfare and intending to minor in Ethnic Studies, and I am part of the EOP and DSP program. On campus, I am currently a NavCal mentor where I help other underrepresented and marginalized students on campus access mental health services, basic needs services, access to scholarships, interview preparation, G-suite organizational skills, and more. I am also working as a BUILD tutor through the Public Service Center where I am empowering youth through reading...