Angel Tlachi

Job title: 
Class of 2025
2024 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Angel Tlachi (they/them)

Angel Tlachi is majoring in political science and Spanish, and is on the Pre-Law track, with an interest in immigration reform. Born in Oakland, and raised in an immigrant household, Angel was aware of the extensive and difficult process their mother and sister had to go through when gaining citizenship. The barriers Angel's mother and sister had to go through then captured their interest in immigration reform.

Angel is the first in their family to attend UC Berkeley, striving to learn more about political systems in Latin America. At UC Berkeley, Angel concentrates in international relations, expanding their knowledge on human rights issues concerning Latinx and Chicanx communities. Angel has written papers on the barriers Central American women face when gaining asylum, and the surge of gender-based violence in Latin America. Research on these topics furthered Angel’s interest in immigration reform.

On campus, Angel is heavily involved in catering to the needs of incoming students through being a Resident Assistant (RA) and a Theme Program Resident Assistant (TPRA) for Chicanx and Latinx residents. As a TPRA, Angel co-facilitates a seminar that revolves around Chicanx and Latinx issues such as the stigmas around queerness, Latinidad, and mental health issues. Angel provides one-on-one support to residents regarding academic success and personal wellness.

Angel began their public service journey in the summer of 2022 by interning at an immigration law firm called Social Justice Collaborative (SJC). Angel assisted with translating and proofreading affidavits and fostering relationships with clients by interpreting and conducting interviews in Spanish. This internship allowed Angel the opportunity to bridge language barriers while gaining experience in immigration law.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Spanish, Political Science