Axel Contreras

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Class of 2024
2024 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Axel Contreras (he/him)

Axel Contreras is a current student in UC Berkeley hoping to obtain a degree in political science. He is a first-generation transfer student from Union City, CA. Growing up as the son of immigrant parents, he has witnessed how effects of decisions from past administrations and legislative policies have negatively influenced one’s day to day life through fear of deportation and the tearing apart of families within his community. As a result, Axel hopes to serve as a platform for undocumented immigrants within his community and be the voice of the unheard.

Currently working as a Patient Service Representative in Sutter Health, Axel considers serving patients and catering to their needs to be his top priority. In doing so, Axel has noticed the various difficulties that patients often experience when seeking medical treatment including language barriers and the high costs of visits for uninsured patients. During such moments, Axel reflects on his experiences of having a father with the rare blood condition hemophilia and how important it is for individuals to receive the adequate treatment necessary. Therefore, Axel is passionate in striving everyday towards assisting his patients in any way possible, to close the gap of inequality within the medical field and provide a more equitable, representative environment for all individuals.

In addition to his passion for public service, Axel also dreams of being a DJ and uniting people through the world of music. Since a younger age, Axel has always had a passion for discovering new sounds from different genres throughout various parts of the world. While attending community college, Axel was advised by a professor to become a DJ after mentioning to him that he had a good ear for music. Having listened to the advice of his professor, Axel, Under the current alias Prayfor._, Axel hopes to combine music through a fluidity of sounds in hopes of creating memorable DJ sets for his audience.

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Major(s): Political Science