Christian Dieguez

Job title: 
Class of 2026
2024 Democracy Camp in Berkeley Student Director
2024 Democracy Camp in Berkeley
2023 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Christian Dieguez is an ambitious first-generation sophomore intending to major in Political Science and minor in Public Policy. Being raised in Los Angeles, California, Christian has become passionate about creating solutions to immigration challenges, primarily in obtaining citizenship and keeping families together, and custodial issues in family law. At a young age, Christian experienced the long-lasting effect that divorce had in his low-income immigrant household. While experiencing financial, social, and mental strain, he became aware of the intersection between immigration and family law. Christian has become devoted to becoming an advocate and representative for low-income disadvantaged communities that undergo legality issues. Christian is a part of many on-campus communities such as Puente, NavCal, and CalACLU, where he is learning how to utilize his knowledge of networks and resources in order to support people who have been marginalized socially and economically. He chose to attend UC Berkeley to obtain a greater understanding of the historically discriminatory systems that shape the access to opportunities and resources. Christian is eager to continue his professional and personal development in public service.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Political Science