Cristal Amezcua

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Class of 2025
2024 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Cristal Amezcua (she/her)

Cristal Amezcua is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and is a first-generation, junior transfer student at UC Berkeley. She is majoring in political science with a minor in public policy. She was raised in the California Central Valley where she became passionate about immigrant rights, especially those unique to her community such as fieldworker rights. She began her interest in civic work when she initiated a farm laborer campaign Standing with Farm Workers in high school, in collaboration with the Visalia Unified School District. From there, she continued her interest at her community college where she took on the role as President in the College Democrats club on campus, which propelled her to continue being an advocate for marginalized groups in her community.

She is currently interested in exploring the way state policy intersects with educational inequities, especially for historically underrepresented demographics. She has gained much statistical insight in her academic courses of the educational achievement gap but would like to get more hands-on experience. With that in mind, Cristal’s goal is to intern in Washington, D.C. to gain valuable professional exposure relating to policy initiatives and education. Cristal continues being a devoted advocate for Latinas from conventional households, hoping to pursue higher education.

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Major(s): Political Science