Daira Rivera

Job title: 
Class of 2024
2023 Democracy Camp in Berkeley Student Director
2023 Democracy Camp in Berkeley
2022 Schaeffer Fellowship
2022 Democracy Camp in Berkeley
Placement Location: 

Daira grew up in Hayward California and her parents are from Nayarit Mexico. She is currently a senior attending UC Berkeley majoring in Political Science with a minor in public policy. Her career is geared towards being a civil rights attorney and one day working in public policy. Throughout her upbringing, she became aware of the systematic failures that affect low-income POC and wants to dedicate her career to aid the effort in changing them. She ultimately wants a career in public service that will fulfill her dream of creating tangible change and one day help aid the problems in her community. After completing undergrad she plans on going to Law School or obtaining a Master's in Public Policy.

Currently, Daira is an undergraduate research apprentice in Berkeley Law, where she researches the history of abortion and contraception in the United States. She is also interning with Hamilton Families, a non-profit dedicated to providing housing for homeless families in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both are issues that she is passionate about and hopes to dedicate much of her career to.

She is excited to learn and experience how governments work in practice after learning much theory and how policy is drafted and implemented.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Political Science, 

Minor(s): Public Policy