Emily Chamale Hernandez

Job title: 
Class of 2026
2024 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Emily Chamale Hernandez (she/her)

Born in Guatemala and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Emily's experiences have shaped her into a driven and passionate advocate for positive change. She is a first-generation student at UC Berkeley, pursuing a double major in political science and ethnic studies. Growing up in South LA, she observed the inadequate resources her community received. During her freshman year of high school, an Ethnic Studies class deepened Emily's connection with her history and identity, revealing a global cycle of enduring injustices and igniting a passion for social change. In the same year, she joined the Youth Liberty Squad (YLS) with the ACLU dedicating four years to researching and addressing educational equity issues alongside students from across Los Angeles, contributing to a successful campaign to abolish random searches in LAUSD. Developing a passion for serving her community, Emily quickly committed herself to becoming a public servant dedicated to addressing the needs of her community.

In her freshman year, Emily interned at the Latino Task Force in San Francisco, where she assisted the Latinx community in connecting with COVID-19 resources. Her efforts addressed the diverse needs of immigrant, family, elder, homeless, LGBTQ, young, and other Latinx populations facing challenges due to the pandemic. She is a current intern at the Multicultural Community Center (MCC), where she serves on the programming committee. In this role, she manages collaboration requests with campus organizations and community groups, ensuring the embracing the MCC's history.

Emily aspires to serve her hometown through the legislative process, whether as a grassroots organizer or a policymaker. She is determined to prioritize and represent the best interests of her community that not only tackle immediate needs, but also establish the groundwork for long-term prosperity.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Political Science, Ethnic Studies