Erkki Forster

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Class of 2025
2024 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Erkki Forster (he/him)

Erkki Forster was born in Berlin, raised in Zurich and Tokyo, and moved to Los Angeles as a teenager in 2016. It was during this transformative journey that his insatiable curiosity for global affairs and politics drove him to immerse himself in international media, sparking his love for journalism. In high school, he joined the student-run newspaper, The Samohi, which he eventually came to run as editor-in-chief. At UC Berkeley, Erkki majors in global studies and is currently the deputy editor of the opinion section at The Daily Californian, after honing his skills in the paper’s design department. He is also part of UC Berkeley’s Volunteer Health Interpreters Organization, putting his fluency in Japanese and German to use as an interpreter. He regularly contributes to the Journal for International Public Policy (JIPP), combining his interest in journalism and international politics. An advocate of independent media, he is considering a number of career pathways at the intersection of his passions, with a particular focus on investigative journalism. In his personal time, Erkki is a lifelong judoka and tennis player, cooks and eats with passion, and enjoys watching the films of Wong Kar-wai.

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Major(s): Global Studies