Jocelyn Alexander

Job title: 
Class of 2025
2022 Democracy Camp in Berkeley

Hi, I’m Jocelyn Alexander. I am a freshman, I will be majoring in Public Health at UC Berkeley. I’m a first-generation and low-income woman of color part of EOP, and NavCal. I am an intern for Health Career Pathways where I devised a project on helping the unemployed find jobs. I’m also an intern for Richmond HOPS where I participated in community outreach and advocated for my community’s access to healthy foods. I decided to become an advocate because there are many low-income communities living in food deserts, where there are no fresh food options nearby. Due to food deserts, people are more likely to acquire a disease or become ill.

Post-college, I will be going to graduate school for a Master's of Public Health. I want to bring awareness about internal health for the Black community. Being an advocate and representative for the Black community, helping to continue diversifying the healthcare system. The representation will lead to better outcomes for people of color. I will continue to work with communities that do not have easy access to nutritious foods by creating options that will eliminate food deserts. Building free gardens is one way to make an impact to improve the healthy organic food options available.

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Major(s): Public Health