Mansour Taleb-Ahmed

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Class of 2024
2024 William K. (Sandy) Muir, Jr. Leadership Award
2024 Democracy Camp in DC

Mansour Taleb-Ahmed (he/him)

Mansour’s journey began in a high school where whispers of "far-fetched" threatened his Berkeley dream. Extraordinary challenges marked his undergraduate journey. Arriving in the US in January 2020, he faced the pandemic in absolute isolation, knowing no one in the country and having no access to see his family back home. In community college, he also questioned his place in academia as he didn’t see many people who looked like him in his classes. Yet, fueled by a desire for representation, he turned his ambition into action; as a Campus Ambassador and leader in vital student organizations, Mansour works tirelessly to open doors for underrepresented communities and fight for equality. His unwavering resilience makes him a beacon of inspiration for those who have “the audacity to hope.” From facilitating crucial resources for aspiring law students within his community to building a vibrant community for African students, Mansour empowers others and proves that backgrounds don't limit a person's potential. Mansour is not only inspired by his community but the world too, prompting him to become a powerful advocate for human rights who used his leadership roles at Berkeley to shine a light on neglected humanitarian crises in Africa and build bridges of understanding through cultural exchange, such as his independent research on the Western Sahara. His Berkeley experience has shaped a relentless determination to create change on a global scale as he intends to pursue a legal career. Proving that a dream ignited on this campus would undoubtedly help Mansour to positively impact the world.

Born and raised in the culturally rich landscape of France to a resilient African immigrant mother and overachieving father, Mansour Taleb-Ahmed embodies a fusion of identities that fuels his unwavering passion for justice. Witnessing marginalized communities' inequalities ignited a profound desire to dismantle barriers, champion the voices of the voiceless, and bridge cultural gaps.

As a senior at UC Berkeley studying political science with a focus on international relations, Mansour stands between global expertise and societal impact. With aspirations for a career in law, he envisions using his legal experience to address criminal justice and international issues. His internship at Assemblymember Binta's office was transformative, leading legislative initiatives to reform California's reentry system—a testament to his ability to turn concerns into actionable solutions.

Mansour's commitment to justice goes beyond legislative frameworks. As a court watcher and redactor, he shed light on injustices in California courts, amplifying the voices of the underrepresented. As a student ambassador, he advocated and brought more diversity within his team, especially empowering visitors from his community.

His vision extends beyond borders, aiming to uplift his community in the Western world while celebrating Africa's vibrant diversity. As a bridge builder, Mansour seeks to use his knowledge and cultural understanding to navigate geopolitics and empower marginalized communities globally.

Mansour is currently engaged in independent research on Western Sahara, driven by a curiosity about why this African colony lacks independence through a referendum and exploring violence patterns inflicted by Morocco. He emphasizes the importance of raising awareness about this overlooked case and advocating for the self-determination of all people.

Mansour Taleb-Ahmed emerges as an aspiring lawyer, a social architect, and a relentless advocate for the marginalized. Seeking to leave an indelible mark, his legacy promises a resonance of justice echoing in the hearts and minds of communities globally.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Political Science

Specialization: International Relations