Naydelin Chimil Tico

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Class of 2025
2024 Democracy Camp in DC

Naydelin Chimil Tico (she/her)

Passionate about the intersection of environmental and social justice, Naydelin Chimil, an indigenous woman majoring in society and environment, is a recent transfer student. Fueled by firsthand experiences of environmental and social injustice in her community, she actively advocates against systemic racism. With a relentless curiosity and commitment to public service, Naydelin contributes a unique perspective to public policy. As a former Youth City Council Member for City District 1 of Los Angeles, she brings a passion for further learning about policy making to make a difference. As a low-income student, Naydelin aims to empower individuals with similar backgrounds, providing opportunities for exploration and learning across diverse fields.

Research interests: 

Major(s): Society and Environment