Stephanie Zonszein

Assistant Professor of Political Science 
UC Berkeley


Job title: 
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Charles and Louis Travers Department of Political Science

I study the politics of immigration in advanced industrial societies, with a focus on the behavior of immigrants and native-born, the policies which aim to shape immigrant integration, and the reactions to those policies. One strand of my research considers what can be achieved by non-assimilationist policies — that is, policies that either remove structural barriers to integration without imposing cultural ones or that make specific accommodations for cultural diversity. These are some of the research questions that motivate this strand of work: Can immigrants enter mainstream society (including proficiency in the host societal language, and economic and political participation) without eliminating their cultural distinctiveness? Can institutional accommodation of cultural diversity promote political participation? A second strand of my research considers reactions from the native-born to immigrants' successful integration, examining both electoral and social responses to the accession of members of ethnic minority immigrant groups to political office.