Yessica Mox

Riverside City Councilmember Gaby Plascencia
Placement Location:
Riverside, CA
Political Science

Yessica Mox is from Riverside, CA, and is currently a third-year majoring in Political Science with a minor in Ethnic Studies. She hopes in the future to go to law school or work in public policy. As someone who has grown up in a low-income household and is a first-generation student, there have been many issues that she has experienced. The inequalities within her community have motivated her to work against the lack of resources and representation that dominate communities of color.

She is currently a Student Director for Inside the Living Room, a student organization that provides students with an internship with a local nonprofit, East Bay Sanctuary Covenant. This internship provides students with hands-on experience in certain areas of immigration such as Asylum, DACA, Naturalization, and other paralegal paperwork. She was a previous intern that worked under Asylum and is now part of the board of directors.

Throughout the last few months, she has also served as a mentor for students at her high school through a nonprofit organization aiming to help immigrant and other marginalized students. She has shared her college experience and created workshops centered around mental health and financial aid.

This summer, she hopes to connect with local government officials and learn how local policies are created, specifically how resources are being distributed towards people of color who the pandemic has hit the hardest.